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Eating at Maruška’s

U Marušky (At Maruška’s) is the best place in Telč for an affordable but hearty pub meal. There are two restaurants on your left as you leave the non-chateau end of Telč’s long narrow main square and U Marušky is the one you will come to first.


U MaruskyEntrance to U Marušky is through their small courtyard, which doubles as an airy beer garden in the warmer months. There’s table service so if the weather’s good enough to eat outdoors you can simply take a seat and wait for the menus to arrive.

While the beer garden is OK, especially if the pub itself is smoky (there’s no dedicated non-smoking area) sitting inside will give you the chance to admire the collection of cool old junk. Old bottles, enamel advertising signs, typewriters, and sewing machine tables are standards with this old junk school of interior decoration, but this is the only place that I’ve seen old vacuum cleaners used as decorative objects. Sounds odd, I know, but it’s a nice effect.

Chicken and chips

Chicken Schnitzel and chipsMy favourite meal here is the Chicken Schnitzel. I’ve had it several times and it’s always been good; well-cooked, generously portioned and served quickly! (The quick service may have had to do with eating at a time when there were no other orders). With fries/chips and a small soft drink the bill came to 114Kč (in July 2006). Another meal I’ve had there was fried cheese (65Kč) with chips (24Kč) and tartare sauce (9Kč). Beer is 23Kc for a half-litre or a small bottle of mineral water will set you back 18Kc

Armchairs and Jazz

There’s probably about enough space for 30 people to sit inside. There are tables for two up to eight people, a long wooden bench runs around two walls and beneath the main window to the street there’s an invitingly Bar U Maruskymismatched group of comfy-looking armchairs around a low table. The armchairs seem to be popular with the patrons who are more interested in drinks than food and I imagine it could be a favourite spot for Telč locals to begin a night out with friends.

And speaking of nights out, the thoughtfully chosen music is another thing I like about U Marušky. Much of it seems to have a vaguely jazzy flavour, but funk and hip hop also get a spin. Actually, both the last times I’ve visited it was the same lady who was working, so perhaps it’s just her who has good taste.

Or maybe she’s Maruška and works every day? I’ll certainly be eating there next time I’m in Telč, so we’ll see.

Osvěžovna U Marušky
Palackého 28
Tel. 605 870854

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