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Caution splashing water!

Adršpach rocks

Entry to the Adrspach rocksAdršpach rocks are the more famous and therefore touristy of the two rock towns. Apparently the Teplice rocks get around 50,000 visitors annually, while Adršpach attracts more then 250,000. This is quite plain to see in the facilities, which include a big carpark for 30 buses and 200 cars, walkways and handrails built to a standard appropriate for a city park and signs in four languages, including English. One thing that struck me as funny was the sign next to the large waterfall that read “Warning; Splashing water!” Bus groups of elderly Poles and Germans seem to make up the majority of visitors at this end of the reserve.

Waterfalls and lakes

Adrspach rocksThe rocks are no more spectacular than those in the Teplice rock city, but the thing that sets Adršpach part is water. The Teplice rock town is quite dry, but in Adršpach there are lakes, waterfalls and some of the walkways are built above streams that cut through the rock. Many of the sand paths are also paralleled by a shallow stream. If you keep your eyes peeled, you may even see juvenile trout hovering in one place and waiting for unsuspecting insects to float along. 

Blue trail

There are several options for viewing the Adršpach rocks and the various bodies of water. The shortest and simplest is to follow the blue trail around the old gravel pit that is now a pretty lake on which you can row in hired boats should you please.

Green trail

Adrspach RocksThe green trail leads to the rock city itself. Like the trail through Teplice it’s a small entrance path and then a big loop that eventually rejoins the entrance path to take you out the same way you came in. This trail leads past the most famous and photographed rock formations, such as the Starosta; the Mayor, which sees to be the one featured on many of the tourist brochures. Other notables are the Lovers (milenci) the Organ pipes and there’s also a viewing deck called the Great Panorama, which offers the view that its name suggests.

Entry to Wolf Gorge

Adrspach rocksAt the farthest end of the green loop, you’ll have the opportunity to walk a short distance along the yellow trail to Wolf Gorge. Even if you’re not planning to walk the length of Wolf Gorge, it’s worth going at least far enough to see the two waterfalls, imaginatively named ‘large waterfall’ and ‘small waterfall’, and the small lake (jezirko). The small lake is a deep golden bronze because its water has first been filtered through hectares of peat bog, which you can also see if you continue along the yellow –marked wolf gorge trial just a little further.

If you’ve just come from Prague the crowds of tourists are not likely to bother you, and if that’s the case, the Adršpach rocks are probably the best choice if you’re on a tight schedule that only allows you couple of hours in the park.

Adrspach Teplice rocks
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