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Cafe 87

Café 87

Cafe 87 is a bright and spacious non-smoking cafe in the same building as the modern art museum. It serves good coffee and tasty lunches but is most famous for its specialty; chocolate pie. It’s the richest dessert you’re likely to find on your travels and unless you love chocolate you probably should stay away from it.

You do love chocolate?

A Chocolate pie a day keeps he grumbles awayYou do love chocolate and where can you find it? Well the café (and adjacent art museum) are across the street from the imposing baroque Lady Mary of the Snows church. Even–numbered trams run along that street so you may even pass it on your way into the centre from the train station. The Modern Art Museum and Theatre of Music share the pale grey building’s main entrance, and the door to the cafe is at the side. There’ll be a staircase on your right as you enter, but go straight ahead to the ground-level; part of the cafe, because this is where the pies and cakes are displayed.

There are a few different chocolate cakes but the one you want is the flat wedge-shaped tart. There are light and dark versions, but the only thing the light is good for is layering on top of the dark version for a super sugar boost.

Order at the table, pay at the counter

The famous dark chocolate pieOrdinarily you would take a seat and wait to be served, but if the anticipation is too much you can also order up at the counter. The various coffees are listed on a blackboard behind the counter. An ordinary large espresso is 23Kč, or 28 with milk, cappuccino is 34Kč and a tall glass of café latte is 36. If you’re after something caffeine free, there are also fruit milkshakes for 37Kč, mineral water for 22 and in the winter, hot spiced wine for 39Kč. The chocolate pie is 30Kč.

Best breakfast in town

Enjoying a warm drink on a cold dayCafé 87 is the best place in Olomouc for a quick breakfast. The usual suspects like omelettes, scrambled eggs or continental breakfasts range from 40-45Kč or you could take slice of quiche for 32, toasted sandwiches for 35 or a baguette for 38Kč. The menu is in Czech and English and most of the staff seem to speak enough English to take your order. There’s also an upstairs section to café where cigarette smoking is permitted. It’s almost like a separate café, but the range of food and drinks and the prices are the same as downstairs.

Casual café

Sofas at Cafe 87The café is popular with students from the nearby university and there’s an overall casual atmosphere to the place. The seats are all quite comfortable, but the pick in that regard are the two sofas that face each other across a low coffee table. Most of the staff are as young and friendly as the students, so if you’re expecting a stuffy old fashioned coffee house with waiters in bow ties, this is probably not the place for you.

Café 87 is open from 8am until 8pm 7 days a week. It’s also the place most likely to be open on a public holiday and the place most likely to have you asking for a recipe. If you’re a chocolate-lover, that is.

Café 87
Denisova 47
Tel. 585 202593

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