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Getting to the Český ráj

The Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise) protected natural area is about 90km north-east of Prague. The main hubs for transport, services and accommodation are Jičín in the south, Turnov in the centre and the township of Malá Skála in the north.

From Prague’s Černý Most bus station (at the end of the Yellow metro line), buses cover the 89km to Jičín in about 90minutes. Trains from Prague to Jičín take a roundabout route and are markedly slower and more expensive then the buses. To Turnov, frequent direct buses cover the 80Km in 1hr20mins, and from Prague main station (Praha hl.n.) direct trains travel to Turnov approximately every two hours and take about 1hr45mins to complete the journey.

From Kutná Hora, it’s only about 60km to Jičín as the crow flies, but on public transport the trip is going to take at least 90minutes and involves changing buses or trains at Kolín, Nymburk and/or Poděbrady. Turnov is about 85km from Kutná Hora but it’s going to take at least 2 hours by bus or train and be just as much hassle as getting to Jičín.

From Olomouc to Jičín, there at least two direct buses each day, and they take 4hrs 30mins to cover the 204km. If you’re willing to travel by train and change once or twice (at Pardubice and/or Hradec Králové - both large and well-organised stations) you can shave more than an hour from the trip. To Turnov, two direct buses each day cover the 230km in 5hours for 190Kč. Again, you can save more than an hour by changing trains at Pardubice, but it’s going to cost 252Kč with the group discount and 333Kč without. (January 2009 prices).

From Telč, it’s 205km to Jičín, but the trip will involve several changes and take at least 4hrs 30mins, whether you travel by bus or train. Turnov is an extra 25 or 30 kilometres and will take an extra 25 or 30 minutes.
From Karlovy Vary or Český Krumlov it’s best to make your way to Prague and follow the above directions from there.

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Český ráj - The Bohemian Paradise natural reserve
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Český ráj Overview
Malá Skála
Prachov rocks
Trosky Castle
Kost Castle
Valdštejn Castle
Hrubá Skála chateau
The Pantheon
Frydštejn castle ruins
Eat, Drink and Sleep
Restaurant U Dělové Koule
Restaurant Divá Bára & Cafe 39
Turnov Pizzeria
Boučkův statek
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Getting there
Getting to the Český ráj

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